On November 10, 2017 the Guardians, NYS Courts revisited the St. Albans Community Living Facility in Queens to show the Veterans living there they are not forgotten with over 200 cards including some hand-made from public school students (thanking veterans for their service), cookies, their favorite Starbucks Frappuccino drinks and heartfelt words of kindness. Toiletries were also distributed.  Supreme Court Clerk- NY County, Rob Sobel and Special Referee, Louis Crespo said shopping for toiletries and items of need such as hats to keep the vets warm in the assisted living facility brought back memories of family members who spent their last days in an assisted care facility.  Supreme Court Clerk, Elizabeth “Liz” Morgan also donated cards attached to her toiletry donations wrapped with her love and care.  71 Thomas Street court staff went all out (as they normally do) overflowing a donation box with cards and toiletries thanks to SCO Gina Volcey and Martin McCormick who spread the word. Cyril Paris (retired Sgt., Dept of Environmental Police) donated a framed display of patches representing several departments within law enforcement which was to be raffled off at the 2pm BINGO event. Joining us also was Janis Borden, Rick Thompson (Ret. DOS) who since our first event has become a volunteer at the facility and Shirley Phipps (Grand Council of Guardians). The NYCPD Jazz Band shared the spotlight providing entertainment for the veterans and after the show, the Guardians went door-to-door in the rehab facility next door handing out the remaining cards in person.  Overall the vets were grateful.  In particular a woman named Nelly who couldn’t believe someone took the time to give her a thank you card for her service.  Mission accomplished!